Kansas - Oklahoma - Texas Panhandle - Scenic Road Trips Map

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Kansas, Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle

Central Plains road trip map: 30 best road trips in combo Kansas map, Oklahoma map and Texas Panhandle map. Weekend getaways? Our road trip planner gets you on the road with ease.

Our local MAD scouts have discovered the best scenic highways and scenic byways of the region. They also told us of the best places to hang out and stop along the routes. There's actually some pretty diverse terrain in these parts. Attractions include Clinton State Park in Kansas, incredible Grand Lake O' the Cherokees in Oklahoma or Palo Duro Canyon, nicknamed the "Grand Canyon of Texas." And what about lively roadhouses and fun roadside attractions? We've got you covered.

There's plenty to see in this part of the world. Check it out today. MAD Maps™ road trip maps are available in traditional paper maps, as well as maps for iPhone and Android.

Coverage Area:

KS state line OK state line OK state line TX state line