Growth of The Roman Empire, 44 BCE-117 CE

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Growth of the Roman Empire Map by

This map comes from Maps101, our premier online social studies resource. Maps101 is a web-based interactive database of teacher lesson plans, geography tools, online learning games, dynamic interactive map modules and over 4,000 viewable and printable history, thematic, reference, outline, current event, and animated maps.

Visit Maps101 to show students the world in a new way.'s Growth of the Roman Empire maps shows the progress of the Roman Empire over time. Lands acquired in three distinct periods are illustrated using coloration on a map covering Western Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, with a detailed inset showing Italy itself. Time periods featured are 44 BCE - Before the death of Caesar; 14 CE - Before the death of Augustus; 117 CE - Before the death of Trajan.

This map is an excellent reference tool and visual aid for helping students develop a historical understanding the growth of the Roman Empire.