Norris Lake Fishing Map

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The first reservoir created by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Norris Lake was formed in 1936 with the completion of the Norris Dam, which impounded the Clinch River. Though it’s mainly tasked with providing hydroelectric power and flood control, the lake is utilized for several other purposes. The combination of these functions cause large fluctuations in the water level, which can affect angling and other recreational activities. Norris is rendered relatively infertile by shoreline erosion and the resulting loss of nutrients. Because of this, it will never hold as many fish as nearby reservoirs. Still, fishing is quite popular on the lake, and a well-informed angler can be productive. Black bass (largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass), crappie and walleye are all commonly pursued by anglers, though the lake’s reputation traditionally arose from producing large striped bass. The cold water on the bottom of the lake allows for year-round trout fishing in the lake’s tai