Jacksonville Ponte Vedra to Nassau Sound Fishing Map

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Saltwater Chart Ponce de Leon landed here in 1513 in search of the "Fountain of Youth." Largemouth bass and bream are available in the same waterways that support red drum and spotted seatrout. Off the coast of Jacksonville you'll find king mackerel, black sea bass, amberjack, cobia,Spanish mackerel and barracuda. Tarpon and trophy red drum are found near-shore around inlets, channels , beaches and buoys. The area is home to the annual Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament. Featured Species: Amberjack, Barracuda, Black Sea Bass, Cobia, Gag Grouper, Crevalle Jack, King Mackerel, Red Drum, Red Snapper, Southern Flounder, Spanish Mackerel, Spotted Seatrout and Tarpon Map Features: Tips and Techniques for Featured Species GPS Information 6Access Locations Indicated 33Proven Fishing Areas Marked Area Marina Information Artificial Reefs Indicated with GPS (if applicable) Covers coast between Ponte Vedra and Nassau Sound