East Galveston Bay Fishing Map

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East Bay lies in the southeastern portion of the Galveston Bay Complex and is separated from the Gulf of Mexico by the Bolivar Peninsula. East Bay receives inflow from Oyster Bayou and other runoff from Chambers County. This inflow mixes with the tidal saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico through the channel at Bolivar Roads, creating a brackish environment where fish and wildlife flourish. East Bay supports a burgeoning population of spotted seatrout, southern flounder, red drum, black drum, sand trout, croaker and sheepshead. Bolivar Peninsula’s Route 87 has short side roads to the Gulf of Mexico, Galveston Bay and the Intracoastal Canal. These provide access to the Gulf and Bay beaches, mud flats, sand bars, freshwater marshes and ponds, salt marshes, coastal prairies, meadows and fields. Featured Species: Spotted Seatrout Southern Flounder Black Drum Redfish (Red Drum) Sheepshead Spanish Mackerel Jack Crevalle Spanish and King Mackerel