About Us

If you're just plain looking for the fastest way from A to B, forget it.

We're all about finding the most scenic route with the most unusual and unique attractions. From rock 'n' roll roadhouses to rubber band museums, we've scouted the stuff that makes getting there so much fun. And with over 1,000 trips around this great country, you'll never run out of places to explore.

Jenny Lefferts - MADMaps Founder

How We Started

Jenny Lefferts, Founder of MAD Maps, has been a motorcycle and back roads enthusiast for years although her passion began long before she was licensed to ride. Her dad's idea of a summer vacation was to load up the family in the '72 VW bus and take to the road. Jenny moved to San Francisco in 1987 and purchased her first motorcycle. She was instantly hooked and began searching the Bay Area for the best scenic roads: the seed for MAD MAPS was planted.

Over the decades, Jenny developed and published an extensive library of rides across America, including classics like Route 66 and interesting paths to nowhere like Key West, Florida (see Scenic Rides of Florida). Under titles like “Rides of a Lifetime”, “Get Out of Town”, “Scenic Road Trips” and more, Jenny helped define the passion for exploration within each of us. For some, reading a map is a prosaic art form from the past. For travelers, the ability to lay out a map, think through a route, drive it, and then remember the twists and turns are all part of the experience. A well-used map is like a trusted friend; someone who is there when you need them! As MAD Maps moves into the third decade of the 21st Century, the proverbial baton has been passed to the team at Maps.com. Our goal is to improve on perfection, take this valuable palette of road trips and extend it to new horizons… and to live each day making Jenny proud! We look forward to you joining us on this next adventure for MAD Maps!

Where We're Headed

MAD Maps, Inc. is a premier creator and publisher of scenic trip content for road maps, with a comprehensive offering of traditional print maps, along with mobile apps for iPhone and Android platforms (Fall 2021). Featuring handpicked routes scouted by locals, MAD Maps’ traditional road map print products combine the best features of travel guides with the essentials of USA road maps. These USA roadmaps and all digital offerings showcase over 1000 of the best scenic routes across the continental U.S. Additionally, our Mobile Apps (Fall 2021) offer exciting additional features outside of our hard-copy paper editions. MAD Maps products are available online at www.madmaps.com and through various sales distribution channels throughout the USA.

What are people saying about our USA Road Maps?

"Don't spend your summer vacation hammering down another sterile stretch of interstate- peel off into a less traveled byway that'll stir your soul.  MAD Maps road maps elegantly charts some of America's best driving/scenic roads..."
-Motor Trend Magazine

"For scenic day trips out of New York, Washington and other major cities, the company called MAD Maps is providing a new series called 'Get Outta Town.' Each map offers about six itineraries, including directions, a highlighted route and suggest roadside attractions and restaurants."
-The New York Times

"I picked up the California Map Pack from MAD Maps. I am thoroughly impressed with their routes. The only question that comes to mind right now is, Where am I going this weekend?"
-Paul Liszewski - San Francisco, CA

"I have spent the last two nights looking over your road maps of the Milwaukee Metro area and I have to say you have done a FANTASTIC job. The routes and attractions you have highlighted are outstanding. Thanks again."
-Wayne Ellinghausen - Service Mgr, Kutter Harley-Davidson, WI

"Problem: You've got the travel bug.  Solution: Grab a Get Outta Town road map by MAD Maps Inc and get going. So what are you waiting for?"
-Real Simple Magazine

"For obvious reasons, we're not particularly keen on divulging the scenic, less traveled roads that we use for our comparison tests and photography but MAD Maps road maps has done such a great job of mapping great driving roads that we feel it's almost a crime not to tell our readers."
-Road & Track

"More than mere road maps, MAD Maps are informative and highly entertaining insiders' guides to the best riding roads and the hidden pleasures they hold."
-Robb Report Motorcycling