World Political Wall Map - Natural Colors

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  • Regular price $29.95's Natural Color World Political Wall Map contains natural, neutral colors combined with an abundance of information making it suitable for use in home, business, education, or reference.

This World wall map includes:

  • Country Borders & Capitals
  • US State Borders & State Capitals
  • Provincial Borders & Capitals
  • Primary Cities
  • Secondary Cities
  • Oceans, Seas, Major Lakes & Rivers
  • Longitude/Latitude Graticule
  • Disputed Territories
  • Legend Inset
  • Inset of The Poles

Laminated version of map is printed on 24lb. premium coated bond paper and laminated on both sides using 3mm laminate through a hot lamination process, this map is markable using dry erase pens and can be easily cleaned.

Sizes are approximate and may vary due to the nature of the trimming and laminating processes.

More On This Great World Map!

Whether you need a map for easy reference, or simply enjoy geography and cartography, a world wall map is the perfect addition to your home, school, or workplace. Our World Political Wall Map in Natural Colors will help you explore the world.

We understand that maps need to be relevant, updated, and clear for every purpose, whether academic to leisure. That is why we put so much care into collecting the data we use in our maps, and why we make every effort to create products that will be useful for our customers. When you buy our world wall map, you can rest assured that you are getting a product that will meet all of your mapping needs, and remain useful for a long time to come.

Simply put, our Natural-Colored World Political Wall Map gives you huge value for a very affordable price!

Our World Political Wall Map in Natural Colors has all of the detail you need to get a good overview of the world. It provides you with information that is ideal for quick reference. The map is colored with a warm color palette, adding style and calm to your space, and it is easy to read.

On our world wall map, you will find everything you expect from a high-quality map: country borders and capitals, US state borders and state capitals, provincial borders and capitals, primary cities, secondary cities, oceans, seas, major lakes and rivers, longitude/latitude graticule, disputed territories, a legend inset, and an inset of the poles.

These maps are durable and designed to last, even with regular use. If you choose a laminated world wall map, you can write on it with dry-erase markers. Use these to track business plans, travel itineraries, or places of interest, and then easily wipe off the marker when you are ready for a clean slate.

A sticky map option makes your purchase easy to hang up, as does the world map that comes with plastic rails for hanging. The paper version works best for portability or display, as it can be folded or framed under glass. The strong, heavy paper we use for printing ensures your map will not rip or tear under regular conditions, even if you choose a version without lamination.

This map is a classic and will look just as great framed as a display piece in your home or office as it will when used in a workplace or classroom setting. It is versatile and even works well as a gift for the cartography enthusiast in your life.

From our youngest customers to the oldest, the map is easy to read, easy to navigate, and easy to understand. You’ll find that it is well suited for every age range.

Invite the whole world into your home, classroom, or business, with our Natural Color World Political Wall Map, Enjoy all it has to offer. With its beautiful, warm colors, extensive detail, and information, and our trademark high-quality construction, you will be happy you chose this map to use and display.'s Natural Color World Deluxe Political Wall Map contains natural, neutral colors combined with an abundance of information making it suitable for use in home decor, business, education, or reference.