Rides of a Lifetime Pacific Coast Wall Map

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Rides of a Lifetime: Pacific Coast Wall Map

This is a wall map version of our popular Pacific Coast folded map. The wall map does not have any fold creases and is perfect for framing or hanging on a wall.

If ever you were looking for a tour that captured the true essence of a road trip a trip of many miles, with a vast enough variety of terrain, traffic, wind and weather to give you that sweet feeling of mojo, mastery and masochism that is the exclusive domain of long-haul road trippers then this is the road trip for you. This one has it all: wild, rugged coastline; steaming rainforests and towering redwoods; windswept alpine heights; rolling hills covered with golden grass; and enough civilization to keep things interesting.

Anchoring the beginning.

Rides of a Lifetime MAD Maps Feature: 

- Scenic Road Trip Route Itinerary
- Color-Coded Routes
- Variety of treatment options
- Must See Roadside Attractions
- Campgrounds, Recreational Areas, and Outfitters
- Historical Anecdotes and Entertaining Insights

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