English Colonial Settlements, 1600's

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More about the English Colonial Settlement Wall Map:

One of the most interesting periods in the history of the United States is when the country was being colonized, from 1562 - 1812. The Early Colonial Settlement map will teach your students or your children in ways that will make history fun and easy for them by giving them a lens into the past.

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A United States history map, "English Colonial Settlements, 1600s" identifies three major areas of settlement in the New World: The New England, Middle and Southern Colonies. Includes the 1763 Proclamation Line.

The English Colonial Settlements Map features:

  • New England Colonies including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire
  • Middle Colonies including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware
  • Southern Colonies including Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia
  • French and Spanish Territory
  • Great Lakes and rivers and areas west of Appalachians Mountains