Black and White US Outline Wall Map

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Not available in any store!'s large format laminated Black and White outline USA wall map is ideal for the classroom or business. Students can use dry erase markers to color states that coincide with lesson plans or current events and businesses can mark areas related to sales territories or market expansion.

Details of this Outline Wall Map of the USA include:
• State Abbreviations
•State Boundaries

Printed on 24lb. premium coated bond paper and laminated on both sides using 3mm laminate through a hot lamination process, this map is markable using dry erase pens and can be easily cleaned.

More on the Black and White US Outline Wall Map

Sometimes you don’t need a full-color USA map for your purposes. For example, perhaps you’re giving a sales presentation where you need to attach color diagrams onto various US states. You might want the map background to be informative but not ‘steal the show’ as some color maps might. You want your audience to focus on the sales data you’ve added, and to refer to the map for an idea of location.

Perhaps you’d like a wall map to display electoral results during a presidential election. Red and blue stickers can give you a real-time, visual display of whether the Republicans or the Democrats are winning, state by state.’s Black and White US Outline Wall Map might be perfect for your needs. State boundaries are clearly defined, with thick black lines. All 50 states are labeled in a strong, black font using State abbreviations, eg, CO for Colorado.

Coastlines are attractively set in relief with a dark gray 3D effect. The ‘sea background’ is a light gray. Alaska and Hawaii are both depicted in insets at the bottom left corner of the map. There’s also a handy scale bar located near the bottom of the map showing distances in both kilometers and miles.

Printed on 24lb. premium coated bond paper, the USA Outline Wall Map is available only online from This informative wall map comes in three different sizes, each of which can be laminated.

Choose a laminated outline wall map and you can add information with color dry erase pens. Keep track of national business goals and current events by circling and writing on well-defined US states. When you’re finished, you can wipe these laminated maps clean. We only use a robust hot lamination process for our maps, using 3mm thick laminate sheeting. Both sides are laminated.

The Black and White US Outline Wall Map starts at $59 for a 46.99” by 34.93” paper version. Laminated, this size retails at $69. A laminated map with plastic rails is priced at $81. Please note that plastic rails are only available for the 46.99” by 34.93” wall map.

The next size up is 60” by 48”. Paper maps are priced at $79, with laminated ones priced at $89.

The largest size is 80” by 60”, which will cover a large area of wall and is visible from the back of a room. The price for a paper map at this size is $129, while the laminated version retails at $199.

Ordering from the website is easy, with a simple drop-down menu for choosing which treatment you prefer. Payment is fast and secure, using debit or credit card, Paypal or money check. Shipping is low cost and you’ll get your map fast with high-speed delivery.

You’ll be amazed by how useful the US Outline Wall Map is. It's perfect for many occasions. Whether you're giving lessons to children, or priming colleagues during a business meeting, it will do the job it was designed for with ease.Not available in any store!'s large format laminated Black and White outline USA wall map is ideal for the classroom or business.