Portage Lake Fishing Map

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With a maximum-recorded depth of 25 feet, Portage Lake is one of the two shallowest lakes in the Fish River chain of lakes. At 2,474 acres, this moderately sized water body receives ample use by various outdoor recreation enthusiast. Development on Portage Lake is considered heavy and it includes seasonal as well as year-round residences. A public boat landing and beach is available in the town of Portage. Since 2001, the lake has been marked with navigational buoys by the Portage Lake Association. Due to its shallow average depth, Portage does not separate into warm and cold layers. In fact, the water temperatures are about equal at all depths during the warm summer months. As a result, the water quality conditions are considered marginal for cold-water game fish. However, efforts continue to emphasize the management of Portage Lake as a salmon and brook trout lake. Spawning and nursery areas are available for salmon in both the Fish River inlet and outlet. Natural reproduction is occ