Back of the Dragon
AMAzing Rides JUNE 2018 WINNER!

Submitted by: Dan Gentili
Riding for: 40+ Years
Rides: 2002 Honda Goldwing, 2014 H-D Road King, 1995 Honda Pacific Coast

More About Dan:

I'm retired, along with my wife.  We currently live near Williamsburg, Virginia. I've been riding since 1972; took a few years off to help raise kids, but have ridden for many years.  Over those years, I have had several AMA memberships but sometimes failed to renew but am currently a member for about 8 or 9 years.  Great organization.  Went to the AMA's Vintage Motorcycle Days, in Ohio, last year.  Had a blast and hope to return next year.

Debbie and I have planned rides, for a number of years for a group named iPCRC, internet Pacific Coast Riders Club, the club of all Honda PC800 Pacific Coast riders worldwide.  Much information can be gleaned from their website.  The site is dedicated in Memory of member Christoffer "Captain Tupperware" Carstanjen -- September 11, 2001.

The members that generally come to our rides are from Canada, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North and South Carolina, but at times come from greater distances, e.g. Wisconsin or Georgia.  Like most motorcycle groups, we're family!

I'd like to credit my wife, Debbie for her huge assist in planning the ride. Debbie and I did about three 'pre-rides' to make sure we had the route correctly mapped out, since we changed it every time we rode it.  The last pre-ride was in the rain and Debbie rode her Spyder like she stole it!  Wouldn't have wanted to do it without her.


Length of Ride: 130~ Miles (Day Tripper)

Ride Description:

This day trip starting at the Back of the Dragon Information Center in Tazewell with a lunch stop in Abingdon, Virginia will not leave you dissapointed.You will climb and descend the Clinch Mountain Ridges and experience twisties, guardrails, and deer. The highest point of the Back of the Dragon is 3,440 feet and the final descent ends in Mother State Park.

  • Beautiful winding roads including "The Back of the Dragon"

  • We visited the Crab Orchard Museum of Early American History and stopped in at the Thompson Valley Market for souvenirs
  • We ate at Seven (Tazewell) and Milano's (Abingdon), and [of course] Dairy Queen (Abingdon)

Points of Interest:

Download this Route:
GPX: Back of the Dragon (.GPX 519 kb)
KML: Back of the Dragon (.KML 1.5 mb)

I'd also like to credit most of the photos to Terransin (a pseudonym, of course, but a wonderful photographer and rider of an ST1300, and an all-around nice guy.)

-Dan Gentili, June 2018 Winner

This is an AMAzing Rides Contest Winner